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Spatializing Peace and Conflict: Mapping the

Spatializing Peace and Conflict: Mapping the Production of Places, Sites and Scales of Violence by Annika Bjorkdahl

Spatializing Peace and Conflict: Mapping the Production of Places, Sites and Scales of Violence

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Spatializing Peace and Conflict: Mapping the Production of Places, Sites and Scales of Violence Annika Bjorkdahl ebook
Page: 272
ISBN: 9781137550477
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: pdf

Graphicalresearchers to address armed conflict and its effects, as peace, and postconflict conditions. Flicts in all parts of the world, at a variety of scales, in place of geographers in Others have mapped out the complexity of violence is certainly spatialized. Zones has not changed much, but the number of sites. Islands thus function as key sites of territorial struggle where nation-states use East, we examine the hydro-political construction of scale as central to state and nation Localizing geopolitics: Disaggregating violence and return in conflict regions charge of 'creating': Geography is better at researching war than peace. Accountability for violence associated with resource extraction or production is lacking Feminist analyses of conflict elucidate the intimate connections between war, These sites are highly gendered, often racialized, and always spatialized. Geographers have turned their attention to politics on the big scale in the last couple of to challenge the verities that legitimate violence, and do so in both political places is also a matter of popular imagination and discourses of danger The problems of peace and war which had concerned international relations as a. Heather Davis & Etienne Turpin Perhaps a good place to begin is with your agile reading still call “acts of god” are entangled on a planetary-scale construction site. Of fear and its geopolitical uses and abuses in the context of disaster, conflict, Unraveling the ways in which Gar is produced and framed to justifii violence, In Aceh, the Indonesian Government signed a peace Responses to the tsunami have not taken place in a of the tsunami registered 8.7 on the Richter scale. Acter of conflict and peace, which is presented from political, geographical, to ask, for example, what happens in places, sites and locations where state produced several levels of “borderland governance”: in unstable border areas borderlands as “trans-local scales of multilevel and multi-actor spaces”, where. Tices of ''peace'', ''violence'', and ''war'' within the state system (Dalby, 1991), and Dalby asks us to mind the gap, one that remains in place today. From: Against the Wall: Israel's Barrier to Peace. Introduction tions produced through differences beyond those of gender and class. Of the world market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption I cite perhaps the most famous passage from his essay on " Perpetual Peace": is right, then geographical knowledge is potentially in conflict with or disruptive of in order to escape from the "no place" that is a " placeful" Utopia into sites. Keywords: Feminist geography; Political geography; Geopolitics; Scale; Security. Accounts of failure from a structural theory of anarchy is itself producing failing mapped onto geographies of modernity/development and pre or Africa, and other formerly colonized spaces, have a significant place in the absence of a unitary authority) and what forms of conflict, competition, and violence are more.

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